Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daimer ® Super Max ® 12300 AST


Many commercial and industrial users of pressure washers face applications requiring continuous use, often for great lengths of time. However, many pressure washers on the market can overheat when left on. However, this is not the case with Daimer®’s Super Max ® AST ® series pressure washers. As with all Super Max ® AST ® pressure washers, the Super Max ® 12300 AST ® features Daimer®’s exclusive AST ® Technology. AST ® stands for Advanced Shutoff Technology ®.

This proprietary system works effectively to prevent these pressure washers from overheating when engaged. This action alone prolongs the life of these pressure washers. When engaged, the AST ® function shuts off the motor and pump after 30 seconds of inactivity when the trigger gun is not in use. When the operator squeezes the trigger gun again, the pump and motor start up. This shutoff feature is especially valuable for users who use long hoses and it would not be functional for them to go back to turn off the machine for every break.

The Super Max ® 12300 AST ® is a powerful, triple-function pressure washer. As such, it is capable of being used individually as hot water, cold water, and steam pressure washers. This commanding machine offers one of the highest pressure levels in the AST ® series, up to 3000 psi, with an astounding flow rate of 5 GPM.

With a robust 10.0 HP NEMA motor, these highly powerful pressure washers are ideal for virtually any commercial or industrial pressure washing application requiring a durable machine with extreme power.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Super Max ® 9000 WS


pressure washer by daimer

Sandblasting, the process of removing paint and rust from metal surfaces, is an essential task in many industrial settings. However, it is important for users to choose between two methods: compressed air sandblasting and wet sandblasting. Compressed air sandblasting is effective, but can often contaminate businesses with dust. Workers using compressed air sand blasters must also wear a complete protective suit. Wet sandblasting is just as effective but will not contaminate businesses. Additionally, wet sandblasting is much safer. So when it comes down to making the decision as to which form of sandblasting to choose, choose wet sandblasting.

The Super Max ® 9000 WS is one of Daimer®’s wet sand blaster pressure washers. While normal pressure washers can remove dirt, grease, oil, and other substances from metal surfaces, the Super Max ® 9000 WS pressure washers will actually remove a layer of material from the surface. This is essential in removing paint layers, corrosion, rust, and heavy deposits from metal surfaces, returning these surfaces to bare, shiny metal.

The Super Max ® 9000 WS offers intermediate pressure levels (1500 psi) and flow rate (2.8 GPM). And can reach high steam temperatures up to 250ºF. The Super Max ® 9000 WS is a highly versatile pressure washer, as it can be used as a cold water, hot water, steam, and wet sand blaster pressure washer. Users also have the ability to choose amongst the following additional options: trailer mounting and two gun operation configurations.

These wet sand blaster pressure washers can be used with a variety of sand grit medias and sizes. Users can choose among baking soda, tiny plastic pellets, and more. For more abrasive wet sandblasting, choose a larger grit.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Max 12800AF


Many industries require the pre-treatment of metal surfaces. The most efficient method of which is phosphatizing or acid feed, a method of metal pre-treatment to prepare surfaces for paint primer, paint, and powder coating.

The Super Max 12800AF is just one of Daimer®’s powerful phosphatizing pressure washers. These acid feed pressure washers use downstream injection, the most common method for injecting acids and solvents. The chemicals used only come into contact with the injector, trigger gun, wand, nozzle, and high pressure hose. This eliminates the exposure of other components of the machine to the injected acids, thus prolonging the life of these pressure washers.

Some may ask why it is essential to pre-treat metal surfaces with phosphatizing pressure washers. The use of acid feed pressure washers in pre-treatment is important to ensure the paint or powder-coated finish is flawless and shows no defects. Other pressure washers cannot come close to the phosphatizing power of Daimer®’s acid feed pressure washers. And users can experience versatility, as the AF series pressure washers have the option to be purchased with the wet sandblasting system and multi-user configurations.

The Super Max 12800AF pressure washers are designed with only the highest quality, stainless steel components, adding durability to the power of this machine. These pressure washers are ideal for users that require moderate power for their metal pre-treatment applications, as the 12800AF offers moderate pressure levels of 1000 psi and flow rates of 2 GPM. These pressure washers can be ordered in both non-wheeled and wheeled configurations to better suit the applications of each user.