Friday, March 28, 2014

Commercial Pressure Washers: Perfect for Demanding Cleaning Tasks


Cleaning applications in commercial environments are highly challenging and demand lots of time and effort from cleaning professionals. Thankfully, the advent of commercial pressure washers has greatly helped in simplifying these cleaning tasks and enhancing the cleaning results.

Helping create a great first impression

First impressions do matter. For this reason, commercial settings, such as restaurants, malls, retail stores, and boutiques, pay a lot of attention to maintaining their premises at its best, so that customers will be impressed right from the time they step into the place. Heated versions of power cleaners help maintain different surfaces in commercial settings to help you create that perfectly clean look.

Fast and easy cleaning

The best pressure washers are equipped with high pressure levels, ranging from 1000-3500 PSI to help eliminate dirt, mud, and grease from floors, walls, sidewalks, and furniture. The pressure cleaners even help remove grease, ash, and grime from machinery and exhaust hoods in restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Rugged versions for highly challenging applications

Maintaining settings, such as construction sites, require the use of powerful pressure washers with high pressure levels and flow rates. Ideally, pressure levels of 1000 PSI and flow rates of 2 GPM will help clean off dust and dirt from light fixtures, cabinets, window sills, and ledges.

To enable easy movement during the cleaning process, customers can choose from pressure cleaners with trailer mounted or wheeled configurations. Some pressure cleaners also feature automatic shut off function to help protect components from overheating and subsequent damage. If the trigger gun remains inactive for more than 30 seconds, the system will be automatically shut down to prevent overheating.

Leading suppliers offer a wide range of commercial pressure washers with different cleaning functions and technologies. Check out online stores of these suppliers to compare different versions before making the purchase.