Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pressure Washers are Essential Machines for Public Works Departments


Pressure washers are necessary machines found in public works departments for cleaning streets, highways, and sidewalks. These powerful cleaning machines are suitable for rough use on hard and rugged surfaces. Just like with other consumer products, the quality and effectiveness of pressure washing machines vary across different brands. The following are some tips to select the most suitable product for cleaning streets, pavement, roads, and other public places.

Mobile versus Stationary
Mobile pressure washers are more suitable for cleaning outdoor areas where the machine will need to be transported, as in the cleaning of streets. However, if the cleaning is limited to one area of a building, a stationary pressure washing machine with a long hose will be adequate. Daimer® offers pressure cleaners with Long Hose Technology that can extend up to 300 feet while still maintaining pressure levels.

What Kind of Mobile Equipment is Needed?
When selecting mobile pressure washers, it is always better to opt for machines driven by fuel. Electric machines are useful, but they might be rendered ineffective by the lack of electric plug points in outdoor locations. Gasoline, propane, or diesel-powered machines have no such problems, as these fuels are readily available in most places.

Fuel-powered systems, however, can generate exhaust, making them insufficient for indoor applications without proper ventilation. Additionally, the lack of portability of electric powered systems can be overcome with the addition of a generator.

Other Features
It is better to select pressure washers with a high pressure level and output temperature. The Super Max™ 12500 GE from Daimer® is a mobile, tri-mode machine with pressure levels of 3000 psi and steam temperatures reaching up to 330°F. In addition, Daimer® also supplies Eco-Green® cleaning chemicals for graffiti removal, degreasing, adhesive removal, and other various applications found by public works departments.