Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How Pressure Washers Can Help With Metal Surface Pre-Treatment


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The cleaning power of pressure washers can also extends to the pre-treatment of metal surfaces, with the right equipment. There are certain pressure washer models that are suited for phosphatizing metal surfaces; this is a process of treating the metal to prevent things like rust and corrosive build-up. This process is also used to treat the metal so that paints and primers can readily adhere to the surface. The Super Max® 15400 AF from Daimer® offers this feature along with a number of other options, making it a truly versatile machine.

The Super Max™ 15000 AF series is a line of stationary pressure washers that offer steam, hot water and cold water pressure washing features. Its steam temperatures can go up to 330º F while it features lower pressure levels of around 700 psi. These units have a flow rate that is approximately 3 GPM. When in hot water mode, these machines can reach temperatures between 180 º F and 220 º F.

Its phosphatizing system uses a downward injection; this means that the chemicals used only come into contact with the nozzle, trigger gun, wand, injector and hose. This gives the user greater control; these particular components are also easy to protect from corrosion. These pressure washers also have a dual lance with a high pressure and low pressure nozzle. A crossover valve controls the water flow to these nozzles.

These pressure washers also come with an optional multi-gun feature as well as an optional wet sandblasting kit.