Friday, March 13, 2009

Super Max ® 12200 AF


Super Max ® 12200 AF
Daimer ® offers a wide variety of pressure washers to suite virtually any commercial or industrial applications. These applications range from standard pressure washing to steam pressure washing to wet sandblasting to pre-treating metal surfaces, all with Daimer®’s Super Max ® pressure washers. One of these powerful pressure washers is the Super Max ® 12200 AF, a powerful machine designed for the pre-treating of metal surfaces.

The Super Max ® 12200 AF pressure washers come standard with a powerful pressure level of 2000 psi with a flow rate of 4 GPM. As such, powered by a 5 HP NEMA electric engine, these pressure washers provide users with power while offering additional functionality as a triple mode unit; capable of being used independently as steam, hot water, and cold water pressure washers.

But, the most beneficial feature with the Super Max ® 12200 AF pressure washers is Daimer®’s outstanding phosphatizing kit. This phosphatizing system, created specifically for use with Daimer®’s pressure washers, is designed for pre-treating metal surfaces for rust and corrosion prevention and to prepare these surfaces for the subsequent application of powder coating or paint primer.

As you can see, with Daimer®’s pressure washers, users get more than just power. To read about the various options available with the Super Max ® 12200 AF and other pressure washers by Daimer ®, visit

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Super Max ® 15700


The Super Max ® 15700 is one of the triple-function, commercial/industrial, stationary pressure washers offered by Daimer. The triple-mode functionality allows these pressure washers to be used independently as hot water, cold water, or steam pressure washers. For added versatility, the Super Max ® 15700 can be heated by the following variable heating options: no. 1 or no. 2 heating oil, diesel, kerosene, natural gas, or propane.

For industrial or commercial facilities that require the permanent addition of pressure washers, the Super Max ® 15700 is ideal. Powered by a 5 HP NEMA engine, the 15700 pressure washers offer strong pressure levels reaching 1500 psi at a flow rate of an astounding 5 GPM. And that's not all. The 15700 pressure washers come standard with a 3' durable trigger wand featuring quick disconnect, an all-around wand for most commercial and industrial applications.

As with all of Daimer®’s pressure washers, the 15700 is comprised of only the highest quality components, from its powder-coated, high-gloss, chemical/chip resistant steel housing to schedule 80 heavy duty heating coil which can convert cold water to hot in only 30 seconds. And, speaking of temperature, the Super Max ® 15700 can reach astounding steam temperatures as high as 330 ºF.

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