Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pressure Washer Options Available


Super Max™ 6000sp

Industrial houses, factory buildings, and offices should have a clean and neat appearance. Otherwise it would affect the overall corporate image of the organization. To ensure proper maintenance, pressure washers can be used for the effective removal of stain marks, blots, and dirt from the walls of buildings and exterior surfaces like compound walls and concrete roads.

A number of organizations use pressure washers to maintain the look of their buildings and premises. If you are on the market for such a machine, consider those machines that sport the Daimer® logo. The company supplies a number of pressure washers and other types of cleaning devices, most of which are market leaders in their respective categories.

For commercial applications, that is, for industrial houses and business organizations – the Super Max™ products are the most suitable. There are more than 600 models in this product range. Pressure washers in this series are specifically designed to last long and function efficiently. These compact-looking devices are built using components with high quality and durability.

Some models, for example the Super Max™ 6000, which is very popular with corporate customers, have facilities for three modes of washing: 1) using cold water, 2) using hot water, and 3) using steam. That means a single machine allows for different kinds of washing solutions for different kinds of surfaces and applications.

Pressure washers in this series are designed to meet the needs of virtually all users. Mobile, stationary, trailer mounted, gas powered, propane powered, electric powered, wet sandblasting, metal pre-treating, and many other configurations are available.