Friday, September 27, 2013

How to Make Kitchen Floor Cleaning a Fast and Easy Job?


Kitchen floor cleaning is one of the toughest and most time-consuming jobs in restaurants and commercial kitchens. Mopping, wiping, and scrubbing may not always help achieve the kind of results you expect. For this reason, it is recommended to switch to more advanced cleaning systems such as steam cleaners. These steamer machines help accomplish exceptionally good cleaning results without demanding too much time or effort.

Kitchen floor cleaning equipment that ejects pressurized steam helps instantly dissolve dried food particles, tough spills, splattered gravy, and oil stains on kitchen floors. These steam cleaner machines are also great for maintaining ovens, defrosting refrigerators, removing baked-on stains from baking racks, and cleaning burnt food stains in pots and pans. The steam cleaning systems also help eliminate grime, oil and dirt from exhaust fans, stove tops, counters, walls, and metal.

In addition to cleaning, effective kitchen floor cleaning also involves properly deodorizing and disinfecting the floors. The advanced vapor steamers and steam pressure washers from Daimer® eject steam at high temperatures to help eliminate deposits that emanate foul odors. The high temperatures also help destroy germs, allergens, dust mites, and other organisms.

The KleenJet® Ultra 5000CVP - ATIS® available from Daimer ® is an excellent kitchen floor cleaning system empowered with advanced anti-bacterial technology that helps eliminate up to 99.9 percent of germs on different surfaces. It generates steam at temperatures as high as 369°F and at pressure levels of up to 125 PSI for unmatched cleaning power.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Challenging Pressure Washing Task Made Easy with Powerful Pressure Cleaners


Enhanced cleaning results cannot be achieved by using conventional cleaning machines or techniques. Cleaning assignments that calls for superior cleaning results require use of powerful pressure washers. Pressure washing task is usually encountered by cleaning professionals in commercial and industrial facilities. They can achieve the desired results by using high pressure cleaners.

Pressure washers in action are a great sight to behold. It is imperative that you use the best high pressure cleaners for impressive cleaning results. Daimer®, the popular and most trusted supplier of a variety of powerful and industry specific cleaning machines, offers the best pressure cleaning machines designed to handle a range of commercial and industrial cleaning operations effortlessly.

With Daimer® pressure washers in action, you can be sure of removing stubborn stains and deposits from any hard surface such as asphalt, concrete, and wood. These are ideal cleaning machines for cleaning walkways, driveways, and concrete factory floorings. Pressure washers deliver visibly greater cleanliness, are easy to use because of their operator friendly features, and can be used for a variety of tough cleaning assignments.

High pressure cleaners from Daimer® such as the Super Max™ line of cleaning machines are among the best hot water pressure washers available. They are designed to tackle any pressure washing task. Super Max™ pressure washers in action ensure enhanced cleaning action and faster results as compared to any other external cleaning machines.

The cleaning applications in commercial facilities such as offices, retail stores, malls, and restaurants are definitely tougher and more demanding than the routine maintenance jobs in residences. Cleaning professionals prefer using the powerful Daimer® brand of advanced cleaning machines because they are specifically designed to help them manage pressure washing task in commercial environments. Notable features of these hot water pressure washers include tri-mode functions and trailer mountable configurations which make the task of handling the toughest of cleaning projects easy and quick.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to Use Electric Heated Pressure Washers for Safe, Quick Elimination of Grease?


Electric Heated Pressure Washer
Safety is always a major consideration when using any kind of pressure washer. Electric heated pressure washers are generally used where safety is a critical part of running a particular business. For example, the food processing industry, where electric heated pressure washers are extensively deployed, uses these machines for cleaning instruments without generating noise or fumes. This is a very important consideration because food safety requires adherence to strict norms of hygiene.

The food processing industry also has to cope with pollution control requirements. Traditionally, pollution levels associated with food industry have drawn the attention of pollution regulating and control organizations. One of the challenges has been to keep exhaust smoke and fumes at a minimum in order to fend off criticism and penalties. Electric heated pressure washers use electricity for heating as well as for powering the machine. As a result, there is no likelihood of fume generation and, therefore, no danger of indoor pollution.

The icing on the case are the high temperature and pressure levels that electric heated pressure washers achieve. These machines offer 1880 psi of pressure and appropriate temperatures. Hot water is very important for the removal of grease, sugars, starch, and similar substances from instruments, conveyor belts, racks, floors, trolleys, and other necessities of the food processing industry.

These pressure washers are suitable for use as heavy machine parts cleaners in food manufacturing units, as they can degrease without damaging paint or finish on the machinery. No wonder buyers are increasingly lining up to purchase electric heated pressure washers for removing grease safely and easily.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Simplify Farm Equipment Cleaning With Pressure Cleaners


Pressure Cleaner
Maintaining farm machinery in the best way is integral to ensuring proper functioning of all processes in the farm. However, it is not an easy task to clean tractors, irrigation machinery, harvesting machinery, fertilizer sprayers, cleaning trucks, and small airplanes used to spray pesticides. Constant exposure to the elements like dust, grease and dirt can make the instruments extremely grimy, which in turn, may affect its performance. It is, therefore, important to use pressure cleaner systems for effective farm equipment cleaning.

Leading brands now offer pressure washing machines with different power options, such as electricity, propane, or gasoline. Experts recommend using fuel-powered versions for farm equipment cleaning, since electricity may not be always available in large farms. Farm equipment cleaning often involves maintaining large machines and vehicles located in different areas. So, instead of using wheeled power cleaners, it will be a great idea to choose truck mounted versions.

Farm machinery can easily accumulate grease, mud, and dirt that can be difficult to scrub off. High pressure washers featuring high temperatures and high pressure levels are perfect to meet such challenges in farm equipment cleaning. Steam or hot water generated by the pressure cleaning machines helps degrease large machinery quickly and effectively. The steam easily penetrates tight spaces and crevices to ensure thorough cleaning.

The Super Max™ 12300 from Daimer® is a tri-mode pressure cleaner machine ideal for farm equipment cleaning. Featuring flow rates of 5 gpm and pressure levels of 3000 psi, the machine powered by electricity and heated by propane comes with truck mountable configurations and two-gun functions. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

What Makes Commercial Pressure Washers Great For Commercial Applications?


Commercial Pressure Washer
When it comes to commercial maintenance, cleaning professionals trust the capabilities of only the best commercial pressure washers. Commercial settings are definitely among those areas that adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. This is imperative to maintain the impressive appearance of the place and to make it look welcoming to customers. The most versatile pressure wash machines are capable of maintaining a range of surfaces and thus great for use in schools, hospitals, restaurants, car wash centers, parking lots, and retail stores.

Due to the heavy traffic experienced by commercial areas, cleaning these settings demand the use of the best pressure washers. Top-grade commercial pressure washers available from leading distributors are ruggedly built and feature the most advanced cleaning technologies designed to simplify the toughest maintenance operations. Let us take the case of using commercial pressure washers to maintain restaurants. Cleaning splattered food on patio furniture, food buildup on floors, greasy exhaust hoods, and dirty sidewalks generally take lots of effort and time. However, the powerful cleaning functions of commercial pressure washers simplify and speed up the cleaning process and offer superior cleaning results.

In addition to high pressure levels, tri-mode temperature options, and high flow rates, the best commercial pressure washers, such as the ones in the Super Max™ series from Daimer®, also come with an optional auto shut off function. This technology protects components from overheating by automatically shutting down the system when it remains inactive for over 30 seconds. The technology goes a long way in extending the life period of the pressure wash systems.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Why Industrial Pressure Washers Are Best For Cleaning Heavy Machinery?


Industrial Pressure Washer
Industrial pressure washers are among the most powerful cleaning machines available today. Having a very high cleaning power, however, is not the only reason why these are considered as the best machines for cleaning parts of heavy machinery.

Here are some more aspects that make industrial pressure washers a favorite for cleaning heavy-duty machinery:

Tri-mode Technology
It allows industrial pressure washers to provide three temperature options, cold water, hot water between 180ºF – 210ºF, and wet steam at 330ºF.

The advantage of heavy machine parts cleaners equipped with this technology is that the users can change the temperature, depending on the nature of the surface and quantity of dirt present on the surface.

Automatic Shutoff Technology
This is another essential feature available in advanced industrial pressure washers from reputed suppliers like Daimer®.

Industrial pressure washers featuring this technology shut down automatically when not in use for more than 30 seconds. The machine turns back on when the trigger gun is pulled. The technology helps the machine to avoid wear and tear.

Hot Steam at High Temperatures
The latest machines create super hot temperatures up to 330ºF to dissolve the most difficult dirt deposits.

Varied Power and Heating Methods
Reputed brands offer various kinds of machines for your cleaning applications. There are machines that are powered by electricity and heated by propane, powered and heated both by electricity, gas powered and heated machines, and more.

The Super Max™ 7000 from Daimer® is the most popularly purchased wet steam pressure washer. The rugged, electricity-powered and propane heated machine is used in many markets, such as government, foodservice, wineries, bakeries, and breweries.

Visit the website of some respectable supplier and buy a machine that suits your requirements the best.

Friday, February 1, 2013

What Makes Steam Pressure Washers So Powerful?


Steam Pressure Washer
Pressure washers are extremely versatile and durable cleaning machines. Among these units, steam pressure washing machines are the most powerful. These are the machines that are generally used for the toughest industrial-level cleaning jobs, like heavy degreasing. There are two main reasons why steam pressure washers are so powerful. The machines from Daimer® combine the optimum cleaning powers of pressure washing and steam cleaning to create a machine that can tackle some of the toughest stains and deposits.

To understand what makes steam pressure washers so powerful, it can be helpful to look at the kind of debris they are often used to clean up. Heavy grease is something that is often difficult to remove, even with the help of harsh chemical cleaning agents. This is because heavy grease clings to the surface, often leaving behind residue that can be hard to remove. Steam pressure washing units tackle this kind of deposit in two ways. The steam works to soften and dissolve the heavy grease. The pressure and water flow works to wash away the deposit completely. In this way, even something as stubborn as heavy grease can be cleaned relatively easily with steam pressure washers. Look for machines such as Daimer®’s Super Max™ 12200 that features temperature levels up to 330°F.

A huge advantage of using steam pressure washing units is that they do not rely on harsh, chemically based cleaning agents to do the job. This is an important point to consider, especially for companies that are working to become more eco-friendly.