Monday, April 12, 2010

Benefits of Tri-Mode Pressure Washers


Tri-mode pressure washers provide three outputs: cold water, hot water, and steam. The machines allow users to select one machine for handling different cleaning applications, as opposed to three.

Cold Water and Hot Water Output

Many machines on the market provide cold water and hot water outputs. Cold water output means the water released by the gun is at room temperature. The water or cleaning solution are not heated at all. Hot water output has a temperature of 210°F. These pressure washers have a heating element that raises the output temperature of the water, enabling operators to more readily soften and blast away hardened deposits.

Steam Output

Steam output goes one step further than hot water output. The steam output has a temperature of 330°F. Pressure washers that provide steam output have the maximum cleaning efficiency and can easily dissolve a host of stubborn substances.

Tri-Mode Machines

To clean a variety of surfaces, you will need a cleaning machine with different temperature ranges. Machines with steam output have higher cleaning efficiency, but these are not suitable for cleaning delicate or heat-sensitive surfaces, nor is this enhanced power necessary for lighter applications. The surfaces should be sturdy enough to withstand the high-pressure levels and high-temperature output.

Now, with the introduction of tri-mode pressure washers, you can use a single machine to clean almost all kinds of surfaces.