Monday, October 3, 2011

Powerful Pressure Washers - the Right Choice for Maintaining Restaurants


Powerful Pressure Washer
Restaurants are generally popular hangouts for friends and families. It is one of the best places where people can have good food, nice drinks, and relax with small talk. To encourage these people to have more food and to visit the place more often, these restaurants must be absolutely welcoming, clean, and hygienic. However, as more people visit a restaurant, the more difficult it becomes to maintain it in pristine condition. In addition to the grime and grease in kitchens, there is also the problem of food splatters and juice spills on counters and tables. This is why restaurant maintenance demands utilizing pressure washers.

Juice stains, food particles, oil, chewing gum, chocolate and other deposits can quickly make a mess of in restaurants. Pressure washers enable operators to remove such difficult remains without resorting to harsh cleaning chemicals. For restaurant maintenance that involves eliminating stubborn stains and hardened deposits, you must use the Super Max™ series of pressure washers offered through Daimer®.

Owing to the innovative low flow rates, the Super Max™ series of pressure washers are perfect for maintaining a range of surfaces like patios and patio furniture, front entrances, and the floors and walls surrounding the building. The Super Max™ 12800 AST®, featuring pressure levels at 1000 psi with flow rates at 2 GPM, is a good choice for maintaining restaurants.

The trailer-mountable Super Max™ 12800 AST® is also powered with triple-function capabilities so it can be used for cold/hot water, and steam pressure cleaning.