Thursday, December 27, 2012

How Industrial Pressure Washers Can Cut Down Cleaning Time and Efforts Incredibly?


Industrial Pressure Washers
Industrial pressure washers, designed specially to tackle the huge challenges of industrial cleaning, are available on the market now. Leading suppliers of advanced industrial cleaning machines say that advanced pressure wash systems can tackle a whole range of tasks associated with industrial cleaning faster than ever before.

Save Water and Yet Clean Comprehensively
Industrial pressure washers not only make cleaning significantly easy, but also fast and eco-friendly. The machines can be chosen as per the cleaning application. Some machines feature a low flow rate and use less water that is ideal for applications like degreasing restaurant kitchen floors and walls, while on the other hand, cleaning areas like sidewalks, parking lots, and most other outside ground surfaces require the use of high flow rate.

These high pressure cleaning equipment also serve as excellent heavy machine parts cleaners. Machinery and industrial equipment often have layers of grease and oil clinging to them. Cleaning them with detergents and chemicals does not deliver the desired results. It takes the incredible power of high-tech industrial pressure washers from leading retailers to deal with the rigors of cleaning machine parts and equipment with very little effort and time.

Perfect For Heavy-Duty Cleaning Tasks
Industrial pressure washers with high temperatures are perfect cleaning machines for heavy-duty industrial cleaning. Hot water pressure exerted by these machines washes away grease, oil, and grime within minutes. These machines are indispensable in industries where machinery and floors have to be kept clean at all times. They cut the cleaning time and effort by half and can leave your facilities looking clean and inviting to visitors.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why Are Pressure Wash Systems Perfect For Farm Equipment Cleaning?


 Pressure Wash System
One of the most important tasks in agricultural settings is farm equipment cleaning. To ensure that the daily activities at the farm proceed smoothly, the equipment used for different functions must be free of dust, dirt, and mud build-up. Now it is simply not possible to scrub the equipment every day. For this reason, smart cleaning professionals now use power cleaner machines to manage such challenging cleaning operations.

Farm equipment cleaning includes maintaining almost all kinds of compact and large pieces of machinery used in the farm. The activities in a farm involve the use of different machines, such as tractors, trucks, fertilizer sprayers, irrigation machinery, airplanes for spraying pesticides over large areas, and harvesting equipment.

With daily use, the equipment accumulates dirt and mud, and may cease to function at its best. The best electric pressure washers offer superior farm equipment cleaning results due to machines' capabilities to eject cold water, steam, or hot water at high pressure levels. While cold water works well for blasting off mud and dirt from machinery, it is best to go for the heated versions when you need to tackle demanding farm equipment cleaning jobs, such as eliminating oil and greasy deposits. Hot water and steam help dissolve tough deposits of grease, while high pressure levels of above 2000 psi and flow rates of above 4 gpm help wash off the dissolved deposits.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hot Water Pressure Washers: Degreasing Commercial Areas!


hot water pressure washer
Hot water pressure washers are possibly the best solution to the problem of grease, carbon buildup, and dirt seen in commercial areas. Gas stations, food processing plants, factories, car wash businesses, and airports, wherever there is a problem of grease accumulation, an electric pressure washer is the usual method of dealing with it.

Hot water pressure washers are powered by electricity, gasoline, propane, or diesel. Electricity-powered pressure washing systems are more commonly used, as they are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Gasoline and various other hot water pressure washers are used in the absence of electricity, although the fumes emitted by their engines make the indoor use difficult.

The latest technological innovations have overcome some of the limitations of gasoline, propane, and diesel machines. For instance, a long hose is ideal for indoor cleaning when the machine is parked outdoors. The operator can clean the indoors easily using the long hose pipe and nozzle.

In addition to that, electric pressure cleaning systems operate with low noise engines. This diminishes some of the restrictions on the use of non-electric hot water pressure washers.

In order to dissolve grease, a major requirement is hot water. Some of these pressure washer systems attain temperatures as high as 330°F. They have pressure levels starting from 700 psi and going up to 3500 psi. A combination of pressure level, temperature, and other features influences the efficiency of hot water pressure washers. It is advisable to research and look for customer reviews before buying any cleaning equipment.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gas Pressure Washers and the Power Equation


Gas Pressure Washer
Many buyers opt for gas pressure washers because they offer a convenient and mobile cleaning solution. When it comes to outdoor cleaning jobs or cleaning applications that cover a large area, gas powered units are smart options that provide fast and convenient cleaning. These gas powered pressure washing machines are often used for outdoor cleaning jobs, fleet maintenance or for individual detailing jobs on vehicles and boats. There is a common misconception that these pressure washers lack the cleaning power that electrically powered units have. The truth is that gas pressure cleaners can pack a pretty strong punch when it comes to cleaning power.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning Power
A number of gas pressure washers available on the market today provide special features and cleaning power that is more than able to meet the most demanding cleaning applications. Many gas powered units can work as steam pressure washers, with the ability to reach temperatures of up to 330°F. There are a number of gas powered units which also come with tri-mode features, which means they can operate as cold water, hot water and steam powered machines in one convenient unit.

While gas pressure washers are generally used for outdoor cleaning, they can also be used to handle indoor cleaning tasks as well. These units can be used in areas that are large and well-ventilated. In the absence of proper ventilation, these units can be kept outside and the user can use extension cords to clean indoors.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Experience the Quiet Cleaning Power of Electric Pressure Washers


Electric pressure washers are used in a number ways within commercial and industrial areas. There is a common misconception that electrically-powered units are less convenient than fuel-powered units. It’s true that gas, diesel and propane-powered pressure washing machines have their advantages, particularly when it comes to cleaning in areas that have no ready access to a power source. However, electrically-powered units have their own unique benefits as well and can handle a number of cleaning applications that fuel-powered high pressure washers can’t tackle.

Strong but Silent
While fuel-powered units are great for outdoor cleaning tasks and for tackling jobs that have no access to electricity, they do have their own set of drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks of these units is the fact that they produce exhaust fumes during cleaning. This can be fine for cleaning outdoors, but can be an issue when cleaning areas that have little or no ventilation. Apart from that, they can make a lot of noise, which might be fine when cleaning outdoors but can pose a problem with indoor cleaning, especially in places like hotels or hospitals. Electric pressure washers offer quiet, exhaust-free cleaning that is ideally suited for areas like schools, hotels, hospitals and nursing homes.

Electric pressure washers also come as mobile models for extra user convenience. Stationary models can be used with extension cords or long hoses to increase their reach. In this way, many stationary electric units are used even for outdoor cleaning jobs. These units provide an exhaust-free, efficient and eco-friendly cleaning option that can be used in many different areas. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Electric Pressure Washers - Quiet, Powerful Way to Clean Any Surface


Electric Pressure Washers
Electric pressure washers are convenient to use because all you need to start the machine is an electrical outlet. You are spared the hassle of buying and filling expensive liquid fuel. Pressure washers that run on electricity are considered eco-friendly and hence, a more responsible option than those that run on fuel.

Another advantage of using electric models is that they are generally lighter than other machines making them easier to handle and operate. They are versatile and available for residential and commercial use with various features that allow for comprehensive and quick cleaning of dirt and grime from almost any surface.

Electric pressure washers operate more quietly when compared to fuel powered machines. Pressure washers clean by releasing water through a tiny nozzle at high pressures. When features such as steam and heat are added to high pressure washers, their cleaning prowess increases dramatically. They can then be used to dislodge and blast away stains that are stubborn and not easy to remove using conventional cleaning methods.

Another reason why electrically operated pressure washers are preferred especially for residential use is that they do not emit any exhaust. They are, therefore, perfect for indoor cleaning. Machines that run on fuel cannot be used in such conditions without proper ventilation.

Electric pressure cleaning machines are easy to operate and can be used for any type of cleaning because of their immense power. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Three Tips to Buy Portable Pressure Washers


Portable pressure washers are handy machines that make hard surface cleaning easier and more efficient. Many models of these portable cleaning machines are available at present. You may find it difficult to choose the right one for yourself. The following are three basic tips that would help you to choose the right machine.

Tip 1: Power Source
For all kinds of portable pressure washers, the source of power is very important. Pressure washing machines have either an electric motor or a combustion engine to power the pump. Machines with an electric motor are often not ideal for outdoor use, as electrical outlets may not be easily available in all outdoor areas. Machines using a combustion engine, that is, gasoline, propane, or diesel pressure washers, are more mobile for outdoor cleaning, but should not be used indoors without proper ventilation. Toxic fumes could build up.

Tip 2: Type of Machine
There are two types of portable pressure washers offered by Daimer® in their Super Max™ series—wheel-attached and truck-mountable. Truck-mountable machines, such as the Super Max™ 12300 are easily mounted onto trucks or trailers for movement over larger areas. They are often ideal for construction areas as well as cleaning parks and parking lots. Wheel mounted machines, such as the Super Max™ 7000, are ideal for cleaning smaller areas, such as store fronts and sidewalks in front of buildings.

Tip 3: Find Right Supplier
A simple search on the internet will result in a number of companies that supply pressure cleaners. It is important to choose a supplier that offers quality machines and is well known for their products.

Friday, January 13, 2012

What are Steam Pressure Washers and their Uses


Steam Pressure Washer
There are steam cleaners and carpet steam cleaners – and now there are steam pressure washers. Steam cleaners provide steam output at very high temperatures to clean hard surfaces. Carpet steam cleaners are essentially carpet cleaners that provide heated output.

So, what are steam pressure washers? This post provides the answers.

Types of Pressure Washers
Pressure washing machines can be classified into three types based on their output temperature: cold water machines, hot water machines, and steam machines. Cold water machines do not have a heating element and can only accept pre-heated water. Hot water machines can raise the output temperature up to 210°F.

Steam pressure washers can provide an output temperature of 330°F, the highest for any pressure washing machine. The main advantage of these machines is that they can provide both high temperature and high pressure.

Uses of Steam Pressure Washers
Steam pressure washers from Daimer®, a reputable supplier, have a variety of uses. Machines in their Super Max™ series, such as the Super Max™ 12200, are used for heavy duty industrial degreasing, one of the hardest commercial cleaning tasks. These are also machines used for auto detailing.

Machines with high temperature output clean more efficiently and finish the job quickly. However, look got machines with low flow rates to ensure minimal water use and wastage.