Friday, January 13, 2012

What are Steam Pressure Washers and their Uses


Steam Pressure Washer
There are steam cleaners and carpet steam cleaners – and now there are steam pressure washers. Steam cleaners provide steam output at very high temperatures to clean hard surfaces. Carpet steam cleaners are essentially carpet cleaners that provide heated output.

So, what are steam pressure washers? This post provides the answers.

Types of Pressure Washers
Pressure washing machines can be classified into three types based on their output temperature: cold water machines, hot water machines, and steam machines. Cold water machines do not have a heating element and can only accept pre-heated water. Hot water machines can raise the output temperature up to 210°F.

Steam pressure washers can provide an output temperature of 330°F, the highest for any pressure washing machine. The main advantage of these machines is that they can provide both high temperature and high pressure.

Uses of Steam Pressure Washers
Steam pressure washers from Daimer®, a reputable supplier, have a variety of uses. Machines in their Super Max™ series, such as the Super Max™ 12200, are used for heavy duty industrial degreasing, one of the hardest commercial cleaning tasks. These are also machines used for auto detailing.

Machines with high temperature output clean more efficiently and finish the job quickly. However, look got machines with low flow rates to ensure minimal water use and wastage.