Thursday, April 28, 2011

Using Truck-Mounted Pressure Washers for Commercial Cleaning


ruck-Mounted Pressure Washers
Pressure washers are among the best cleaning machines if you want to undertake outdoor cleaning operations. Besides being tough on many types of stains, they are ideal for use on hard and rugged surfaces. Mobile pressure washing machines are, in fact, preferred for outdoor cleaning because of the many advantages they offer over other similar cleaning machines.

Truck- and trailer-mounted pressure washers are designed specifically for use in commercial establishments and industries. The cleaning areas here are widespread and involve moving the machines all over the place to achieve optimum cleaning results. Daimer® mobile cleaning machines are well known for their solid performance and durability. The Super Max™ 12200, for instance, is a mobile pressure washing machine available with Daimer®’s Long Hose Technology. This makes it possible for the machine to reach up to 300 feet away without affecting its performance.

Mobile pressure washers that can be mounted on trucks and trailers can be transported over long distances easily. They run continuously for hours and can withstand high temperatures and pressure levels. They can be run on propane, gas, diesel, or even electricity. The multiple methods of operation make it easy to use in almost any situation, regardless of the availability of a source of electricity.

Truck-mounted pressure washers best handle commercial cleaning requirements. They offer flexibility and are powerful enough to take care of the toughest of cleaning tasks in commercial establishments. Because of their highly powerful action, they can be used to remove stubborn and tough stains from commercial settings.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Types of Mobile Pressure Washers


Mobile Pressure Washer
Pressure washers can be found under various categories. These machines are classified based on their source of power, such as electric, gasoline, diesel, and propane pressure washers. In addition, there are portable machines and stationary machines. Mobile pressure washers are further divided into truck-mounted machines and wheel-attached machines. The following is a brief introduction to each of these types of machines offered by Daimer®, a reputable supplier of pressure washers.

Truck-Mounted Machines
These pressure washers, as their name suggests, can be mounted onto trucks or trailers. Manual effort is minimal for operating these machines. These machines are ideal for cleaning large areas, such as parks or large parking lots. Many cleaning companies prefer these machines for industrial cleaning.

Wheel-Attached Machines
Wheel attached machines are ideal for those needing mobility to a smaller area. These machines can be pushed around to the desired location. The manual effort required for operating these machines is higher than that for operating truck-mounted machines. Still, their low cost and ease of use make them ideal candidates for cleaning small areas.

The most important thing one must remember when buying these machines is to select the appropriate energy source. Mobile pressure washers operate mostly in outdoor locations. It is often not easy to find electric outlets in such locations. Although these machines can be used along with a generator, fuel powered machines are cordless and can more about more freely.