Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Marine Cleaning With Pressure Washers


Pressure washers are usually associated with high-profile hard surface cleaning or industrial cleaning. A typical example of the use of these machines is heavy-duty industrial degreasing. The main source of the power of pressure washing machines comes from a combination of pressure level and temperature settings. Sophisticated machines from Daimer® can reach pressure levels as high as 8000 psi (non-heated machines) and temperature levels up to 330°F.

The cleaning of boats and ships can be a difficult task, especially when barnacles and algae attach to the boat. Using pressure washers with powerful pressure levels can help blast away these impurities, keeping your boat clean and well maintained.

The following information provided helps you understand pressure washers for marina cleaning.

Cleaning Boats and Vessels
Keeping a boat clean and well maintained is one of the most important marine cleaning tasks. Boats and marine vessels have to be cleaned regularly. Dirt and impurities become more menacing if the surface is in regular contact with water. Almost all kinds of surfaces, wood, metal, or fiber, tend to be damaged by the combination of water and dirt.

Pressure washers can blast away dirt and impurities from hard surfaces with their high pressure output. An extremely high pressure output is not required for cleaning marine vessels. Pressure washing machines with an output pressure level of 1500 psi, such as Daimer®’s Super Max™ 9000 would be ideal for marine cleaning tasks. This machine features flow rates of 2.8 GPM and steam temperatures up to 250°F.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tackling Degreasing Jobs With Pressure Washers


Hot Water Pressure Washer
To serve different cleaning needs in the commercial and industrial sectors, top distributors continuously launch new versions of high pressure washers designed to simplify the most challenging tasks. Leading distributors like Daimer® now offer a truly unbelievable array of pressure cleaning machines with different features and capabilities.

For managing challenging cleaning activities, experts recommend the use of hot water pressure washers. Such pressure cleaning equipment ejects extremely hot water at temperatures that dissolves and washes away grease, oil, dirt, grime, and even tough stains in seconds. These pressure cleaners are indispensable in places like food manufacturing plants that attract a grease and oil. Using cold water based pressure washers to clean up greasy surfaces can result in a lot of extra work for the clean up staff. This is because the using cold water results in the grease hardening into clumps. Scrapping these greasy clumps, then take a lot of time and effort.

For that perfect pressure washing machine that will help you tackle demanding degreasing jobs, the Super Max™ 12800 AST® supplied by Daimer® would be a great choice. This trailer-mounted power cleaner can attain pressure levels of 1000 psi and flow rates of 2 GPM. It also features tri-mode capabilities that help it function as a cold water power washer, hot water power washer (210°F), and steam pressure cleaner (330°F). Best of all, these pressure washers offer excellent cleaning capabilities on diverse surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, concrete, brick, stainless steel, stone, and industrial equipment.