Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Benefits of Using Hot Water Pressure Washers


One main factor that determines the cleaning force of pressure washers is the available temperature options. Daimer® now brings you an amazing range of cold water, hot water, and steam based pressure cleaning machines. For challenging cleaning tasks, it is a good idea to purchase hot water or steam pressure cleaning equipment. By ejecting hot water at high temperatures, pressure cleaning machines can eliminate most dirt, grease, grime, oil, and stains from different surfaces.

Hot water pressure washers are especially handy for greasy industrial areas such as food manufacturing plants. If you use cold water based power cleaners in greasy areas, the grease deposits solidify into clumps, unless a green degreasing chemical is used in conjunction with the machine. However, the water ejected by hot water based pressure washers quickly dissolves stubborn grease deposits and washes them away. Steam temperatures, however, are the most effective in rapidly dissolving the most stubborn stains and grease deposits.

If you are interested in hot water pressure washers, the Super Max™ 12800 AST® from Daimer® is a good choice. In addition to being trailer-mountable, this tri-mode power cleaner can independently function as a cold water, hot water, and steam pressure cleaner. High steam temperature levels up to 330°F, a moderate flow rate of 2 GPM, and pressure levels of 1000 psi create a superb cleaning force that effectively eliminates grease and stains from surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, stainless steel, floors, industrial equipment, sidewalks and driveways. The innovative AST® technology allows the pump to automatically shut off after remaining idle for over 30 seconds; this reduces unwanted wear on the machine.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Can Cold Water Pressure Washers Do?


What Can Cold Water Pressure Washers Do

When it comes to pressure washers, most people hear about their strong cleaning abilities by using either hot water or steam. This is because these machines are ideal for tackling jobs that involve heavy degreasing or removing hardened sedimentation. There are also many cleaning applications that do not require the additional power afforded by high temperatures. For these applications, cold water pressure washers are ideal. In fact, cold water machines have a number of benefits over other pressure washing machines.

One of the biggest advantages is price. Since cold water pressure washers do not have heating elements, the units are considerably less expensive. They are also often smaller and lighter, making them much easier to use and maneuver. These pressure washing machines are ideal for indoor use since they create no exhaust. For cleaning commercial areas and debris from floors, these cold water units generally offer sufficient cleaning power. They are also ideal for cleaning surfaces that may be sensitive to the high temperatures that hot water and steam pressure washers generate.

Daimer® recognizes the need for cold water pressure washing machines that can be used for industrial settings. In order to deal with these tough cleaning jobs, many pressure washing machines have higher pressure rates, some reaching up to 7000 psi. Coupled with water flow rates of up to 9 GPM, these machines are powerful cleaning products. For extra customer convenience, some models also come with an optional two-gun operation and wet sandblasting kit.