Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tackling Marine Cleaning Jobs with Pressure Washers


The challenges marine maintenance professionals face on a daily basis are completely different from the cleaning requirements in other fields. Maintaining boats and ships is among the toughest cleaning tasks out there. Oil spills and black algae can quickly turn beautiful docks into dirty, stinky, and slippery areas. To avoid this, docks need to be maintained regularly. Instead of using traditional techniques, there is now the option of using advanced cleaning machines such as pressure washers from Daimer®.

The docks of marine vessels can get messy due to a variety of reasons such as oil spills, beer spills, and leaks from fish guts, fuel tanks, or sewer tanks. To efficiently clean up such tough deposits, try using the high-grade pressure washers in the Super Max™ range from Daimer®, such as the Super Max™ 6000. Constructed from the best quality housing materials and stainless steel components, these pressure washers offer the perfect solution for easily maintaining different surfaces in boats and ships. To put it simply, you can eliminate scrubbing and wiping surfaces when using these machines.

Although steam cleaning machines possess high steam temperatures, they are not adequate for marine cleaning jobs due to low pressure levels. The tough dirt deposits generally found on ship decks cannot be washed away with low pressure levels. For this reason, maintenance professionals recommend using pressure washers like the Super Max™ 6000 that can reach pressure levels of 750 psi. This power cleaner can also attain steam temperatures as high as 330ยบF, making it capable of providing excellent cleaning action. This power cleaning machine also features tri-mode configurations.