Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pressure Washers With An Added Convenience!


There is no question about the great cleaning power of pressure washers. These machines offer some of the most effective cleaning power, making them an ideal choice for dealing with the toughest dirt deposits. However, this optimum pressure washing machine does seem to have a price. Several conventional pressure washers tend to burn out and their parts need frequent replacement. This is where the Super Max® 8720 AST® provides a much-needed solution. These pressure washers literally look after themselves!

The Super Max® 8720 AST® line of pressure washers from Daimer® comes equipped with a technology known as Automatic Shutoff Technology®. When this system is engaged, it will automatically turn off the motor and the pump of the machine, in case the gun is not used for 30 seconds. Not only does this protect the machine from wear and tear, it can also help you save electricity and water consumption. Best of all, the user does not need to go all the way to the machine to turn it on. They simply have to activate the trigger.

These washers also come with a number of handy options like; wet sandblasting and multi-gun operation feature. These machines are portable, making them ideal for cleaning projects that do not have ready access to an electrical outlet. You can learn more about these pressure washers, as well as a host of other products by visiting

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How Pressure Washers Can Help With Metal Surface Pre-Treatment


Gas Pressure Washers
One of the many uses of pressure washers is the ability to pre-treat different metal surfaces. If you’re looking for a system that gives you the added convenience of being mobile as well, the Super Max ® 12500 GE AF is a great choice. This machine by Daimer® runs on an 18 HP gasoline engine which makes it ideal for areas that don’t have ready access to an electricity supply. These pressure washers are propane-heated and are suited for commercial and industrial use.

These pressure washers also come equipped with the Daimer® phosphatizing system. This is used to pre-treat and prepare metal surfaces for the application of powder coatings or paint primers. Apart from that, this pre-treatment system also prevents the onset of rust or corrosion. The system operates using a downstream injection, which minimizes chemical contact. Its parts are made from durable stainless steel to prevent corrosion. The system operates using a single gun that has two different nozzles, one for high-pressure and one for low pressure. A crossover valve allows you to control the water flow in either nozzle. These pressure washers also come with an optional two-gun feature as well as a mobile configuration.

Apart from pre-treating metal surfaces, these pressure washers are also ideal for rugged cleaning needs. They operate using a flow rate of five gallons per minute and have a pressure rate of up to 3000 psi. They can also reach a temperature of up to 330ยบ F. You can get more information on these washers and other cleaning machines by visiting .

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Super Max ® 12860


pressure washer
Daimer Industries, the leading provider and manufacturer of pressure washer, virtually have every product to meet yourcleaning needs. Keeping in line with their tradition of innovative and advanced products is another revolutionary machine-the tri-mode Super Max ® 12860 pressure washer. The Super Max ® 12860 pressure washers are designed to meet all of your commercial and industrial needs and are equipped with tri-mode function. This function enables these pressure washers towork independently as hot water, cold water or steam pressure washers. The high flow rate of 5 GPM makes them competent and gives them an edge over their competitors. To add up to its utility list, this machine offers a higher-pressure 3000 psi as in comparison to the Super Max ® 12840.

In addition to its variable temperature options, the Super Max ® 12860 also features variable heating methods of diesels, kerosene, or oil and is trailer mountable. These pressure washers are ideal for difficult applications and the most demanding customers. For those requiring a powerful system, this machine is designed to clean oil, grease, and the most rigid stains. As such, the Super Max ® 12860 is designed to meet the requirements and the expectations of customers worldwide.

With high effectiveness and efficiency, the Super Max ® 12860 pressure washers definitely should be on the wish list of every industrial and commercial user.

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