Friday, February 15, 2013

Why Industrial Pressure Washers Are Best For Cleaning Heavy Machinery?


Industrial Pressure Washer
Industrial pressure washers are among the most powerful cleaning machines available today. Having a very high cleaning power, however, is not the only reason why these are considered as the best machines for cleaning parts of heavy machinery.

Here are some more aspects that make industrial pressure washers a favorite for cleaning heavy-duty machinery:

Tri-mode Technology
It allows industrial pressure washers to provide three temperature options, cold water, hot water between 180ºF – 210ºF, and wet steam at 330ºF.

The advantage of heavy machine parts cleaners equipped with this technology is that the users can change the temperature, depending on the nature of the surface and quantity of dirt present on the surface.

Automatic Shutoff Technology
This is another essential feature available in advanced industrial pressure washers from reputed suppliers like Daimer®.

Industrial pressure washers featuring this technology shut down automatically when not in use for more than 30 seconds. The machine turns back on when the trigger gun is pulled. The technology helps the machine to avoid wear and tear.

Hot Steam at High Temperatures
The latest machines create super hot temperatures up to 330ºF to dissolve the most difficult dirt deposits.

Varied Power and Heating Methods
Reputed brands offer various kinds of machines for your cleaning applications. There are machines that are powered by electricity and heated by propane, powered and heated both by electricity, gas powered and heated machines, and more.

The Super Max™ 7000 from Daimer® is the most popularly purchased wet steam pressure washer. The rugged, electricity-powered and propane heated machine is used in many markets, such as government, foodservice, wineries, bakeries, and breweries.

Visit the website of some respectable supplier and buy a machine that suits your requirements the best.

Friday, February 1, 2013

What Makes Steam Pressure Washers So Powerful?


Steam Pressure Washer
Pressure washers are extremely versatile and durable cleaning machines. Among these units, steam pressure washing machines are the most powerful. These are the machines that are generally used for the toughest industrial-level cleaning jobs, like heavy degreasing. There are two main reasons why steam pressure washers are so powerful. The machines from Daimer® combine the optimum cleaning powers of pressure washing and steam cleaning to create a machine that can tackle some of the toughest stains and deposits.

To understand what makes steam pressure washers so powerful, it can be helpful to look at the kind of debris they are often used to clean up. Heavy grease is something that is often difficult to remove, even with the help of harsh chemical cleaning agents. This is because heavy grease clings to the surface, often leaving behind residue that can be hard to remove. Steam pressure washing units tackle this kind of deposit in two ways. The steam works to soften and dissolve the heavy grease. The pressure and water flow works to wash away the deposit completely. In this way, even something as stubborn as heavy grease can be cleaned relatively easily with steam pressure washers. Look for machines such as Daimer®’s Super Max™ 12200 that features temperature levels up to 330°F.

A huge advantage of using steam pressure washing units is that they do not rely on harsh, chemically based cleaning agents to do the job. This is an important point to consider, especially for companies that are working to become more eco-friendly.