Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pressure Washers – More about the Trailer Mounted Versions


Regardless of what your specific cleaning requirements are, portable pressure washers are very popular. When it comes to industrial cleaning operations that involve maintaining vast areas, your power cleaning equipment must be portable enough to ensure high productivity and efficiency. For this reason, Daimer® offers you the Super Max™ series pressure cleaning machines in wheeled, trailer mounted and truck mounted versions.

The huge water tanks available with wheel mounted versions of pressure washers like the Super Max™ 6000 enables non-stop operation for long periods. The high-quality, stainless steel components in this power washing system come within a compact design so that you can easily mount it on the sturdy frame featuring roller wheels. The wheeled configuration also makes the power cleaner easy to maneuver.

More advanced versions of pressure washers with higher cleaner efficiencies generally feature trailer mountable configurations. The Super Max™ 12000 is an example of a trailer-mountable power cleaning machine perfectly suited to manage the tough cleaning jobs in industrial environments. The water tanks of such pressure cleaning equipment can be mounted on trucks or skids.

Unlike wheeled versions, the trailer mounted versions of pressure washers require some space so that the truck can be parked close by the application. As a result, the truck mounted are often unsuitable for maintaining indoor areas. They are, however, the best choices of maintenance professionals when it comes to managing contracted cleaning activities in industrial zones.