Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pressure Washers – Benefits of Stationary Cleaning Machines


Stationary Cleaning Machines
Pressure washers can be used for cleaning operations in commercial and industrial settings where the need for powerful cleaning machines are often required. Daimer® offers a wide range of choices, each known for their superior performance, reliability, and versatile cleaning action.

Daimer® provides some of the most advanced pressure washers for use in places such as service stations, schools, garages, restaurants, and parking lots. The Super Max™ series of cleaning machines from Daimer® features some of the best stationary cleaning machines. The Super Max™ 15500, for instance, is a stationary pressure cleaner powered by electricity and is capable of generating pressure levels of 1000 psi, flow rates of 4 GPM, and temperature levels up to 330˚F, providing advanced cleaning in almost any type of situation.

Stationary pressure washers are available for undertaking tough cleaning operations. They are versatile because of their ability to run on natural gas, propane, diesel, oil, or kerosene. Machines such as the Super Max™ 15500 are tri-mode machines, which can be used with hot water, cold water, or steam to get the best cleaning results on almost any surface. The non-heated option is ideal for light cleaning, while the hot water and steam options provide advanced cleaning for applications such as degreasing and removing tough oily stains from industrial flooring and machines.

Stationary cleaning machines are rugged, strong, and can be used for continuous cleaning related to demanding industrial operations. Daimer® also offers Long Hose Technology for electric pressure washer machines. This allows the operator to use the machine up to 300 feet away without losing pressure or having to move the machine. In addition, AST®, or Automatic Shut-Off Technology™, will turn the machine off when there is no output through the scatter gun for 30 seconds. This helps reduce wear and tear on the machine. For machine's with this technology, look for the AST® designation, as with the Super Max™ 15500 AST.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tips to Purchase Pressure Washers for Car Detailing


Pressure Washers for Car Detailing
Although many people associate pressure washers with heavy duty industrial cleaning, these machines have a number of other uses as well. Take, for instance, auto detailing. There are specially made pressure washers with lower pressure levels and flow rates ideal for auto detailing applications. The following are a few tips on how to choose pressure levels and flow rates for exceptional cleaning results.

Pressure Level

Pressure washers can provide an output pressure up to 8000 psi. However, such high pressure levels are not required for auto detailing. In fact, the pressure level of these machines should not exceed 1500 psi. Pressure levels above 1500 psi can damage the vehicle, causing dents, scratches, and paint chipping.

Flow Rate

The flow rate indicates the quantity of water passed through the output of the machine in a minute. It is expressed in gallons per minute. Normally, flow rate goes up as the output power increases. For car detailing pressure washers with low flow rate are ideal. Such machines use minimal water for effective cleaning where water supply or drainage facilities are limited. This is particularly useful in the case of mobile auto detailing, where professionals do not detail within their facility.

What facilitates effective cleaning without harming vehicle surfaces is the inclusion of heat, alongside moderate pressure levels. Wet steam output is preferred for auto detailing, as it rapidly dissolves the most stubborn residues for quick and easy removal.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pressure Washers – For Commercial Cleaning


When it comes to cleaning commercial or industrial establishments, pressure washers are the ideal choice. The heavy-duty cleaning action required in a commercial setup can be easily done by employing pressure washing equipment, as they combine quality and effectiveness to provide superior cleaning action.

If you are looking for durability and superior cleaning, then Daimer Industries® has some of the best pressure washers available to do the job for you. For example, the Super Max™ 12500 PE is a powerful cleaning machine that can out carry commercial cleaning operations with a high degree of efficiency. With three temperature settings that can reach as high as 330˚F, pressure levels of 3000 psi, and a flow rate of 5 GPM, these pressure cleaners are designed to perform the toughest cleaning task with complete ease.

These machines are very effective on stubborn oil stains, grease, dirt, and grime, commonly found in commercial settings like factory floors and machinery. The Super Max™ 12500 PE runs on propane and is therefore easy to use in most settings. You do not have to worry about locating an electricity source while using these pressure washers for exterior cleaning.

Electric pressure washing machines are also available for heavy-duty commercial cleaning. Machines like the Vapor-Flo® 8475 have dual-mode operations. They can use both hot and cold water for extensive commercial cleaning. Temperatures can reach as high as 205˚F to dissolve dirt, grime, and grease. Electricity is used to power the machine and heat the water. This gives operators an added convenience while handling such equipment, though operation near a source of electricity is required.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tips To Buy Pressure Washers for Service Stations


Pressure Washers for Service Stations

Pressure washers are helpful machines when it comes to cleaning gas and service stations. These machines can provide an output pressure of up to 8000 psi, depending on the model. For added cleaning power, some of the latest machines can give an output temperature up to 330°F, as well. For the reason that such high steam temperatures greatly increase cleaning power, such machines have maximum pressure levels of 3500 psi.

In the face of the wide variety of options available, choosing a pressure washer machine for cleaning gas and service stations can be challenging. One must choose the right machine to get the best results. The following are some useful tips to choose pressure washers for cleaning service stations.

Opt For Steam Output
Pressure washers are classified into three categories based on the output temperature: Cold water machines, hot water machines, and steam machines. Cold water machines provide the output at room temperature. Hot water machines offer an output temperature of 210°F, and steam pressure washer equipment give an output temperature of 330°F. Steam temperatures offer the greatest cleaning power, enabling operators to dissolve even the most stubborn grease and oil markings on concrete and other surfaces.

Machines with steam capabilities can also be purchased as tri-mode machines, meaning they can be used as all three temperatures for a much wider range of cleaning applications.

Flow Rate
For cleaning gas and service stations with limited drainage facilities, pressure washers with low flow rate are often preferable. Machines from Daimer®, such as the Super Max™ 6120SCW, are commonly used for auto detailing vehicles and cleaning floors of service areas. With steam capabilities of 300°F and low flow rates of 0.5 GPM, operators can easily tackle tough cleaning tasks without flooding the area.

However, low flow rates are often not necessary in service stations and repair shops with proper indoor drainage or in the outdoor facilities of gas stations. If runoff down storm drains is not a concern, consider the Super Max™ 7000, a robust tri-mode pressure cleaner with pressure levels 1000 psi, a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, and steam temperatures up to 330°F.

Daimer® also offers green cleaning chemicals in their Eco-Green® line for additional power and non-toxic cleaning capabilities. Daimer®, a top supplier of cleaning machines, offers steam pressure washers and other cleaning machines and green chemicals of the highest quality. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pressure Washers – The Magic of High-Pressure Cleaning


pressure washers

Pressure washers are used to remove dirt and grime from hard surfaces. They operate using high pressured water to blast away dirt and other impurities from such places as sidewalks, parking lots, vehicles, and more.

It is important to select the right pressure washers to make the cleaning process more effective. For instance, eliminating grease from machinery requires a pressure washer with steam output for melting and blasting away the grease from the surface. Other applications, such as auto detailing, require a pressure washer that does not exceed 1500 psi to ensure safety of the vehicle surface.

Daimer Industries® is a leading supplier of pressure washers and retails a wide range of machines for various cleaning applications. For example, the Super Max™ 12820 pressure cleaner uses pressure levels of 1500 psi and a low flow rate of 3 GPM to provide the most effective cleaning solutions for a variety of hard surfaces such as concrete and industrial floorings, as well as automotive exteriors. Steam temperature levels up to 330°F also help eliminate grease from factory machinery. For enhance versatility for a range of different applications, the 12820 can operate in hot water and cold water temperature modes, as well.

The Super Max™ 6120SCW is another powerful pressure washer tailored specifically towards cleaning vehicles. It features a pressure level of 1000 psi, flow rates of 0.5 GPM, and steam output to dissolve dirt, grease, bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, host of other deposits. The 6120SCW is an ideal machine for auto detailing because it safely eliminates residues from various parts of a vehicle’s exterior.