Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to Select Pressure Washers to Clean Restaurants


Pressure Washer for restaurant
Pressure washers are among the most powerful and convenient tools for grease removal. In restaurants, cafeterias, fast food, and other commercial kitchens, accumulation of grease, proteins, sugars and other food residue is a major concern. Ensuring complete hygiene without introducing toxic chemical cleaning liquids becomes easier if you use one of Daimer®’s power washers with advanced features.

Daimer® sells a range of commercial and industrial pressure washers designed to take on tough grease, organic matter, dirt, and food particles. If there is adequate drainage indoors, these machines can be used to clean floors, counters, refrigerators, bathrooms, and cleaning equipment. However, because pressure cleaners often use large amounts of water, they are commonly used in outdoor areas for cleaning decks, patio furniture, and building exteriors. Pressure washers with grease removal capabilities have pressure levels ranging up to 3500 psi and temperature levels up to 330°F.

Daimer®’s pressure washers may be portable or stationary. Invest in a stationary machine for working within a limited area. The Super Max™ 15400 is an electric pressure washer that has a pressure level of 700 psi, ideal for lighter cleaning. Along with temperature levels of 330°F, this machine includes cold water, hot water, and steam temperature output.

For tasks that cover various areas, you may prefer a mobile pressure washing machine for greater convenience. The Super Max™ 6000 has an electric motor and a pressure level of 750 psi, with very high steam temperature of 330°F.