Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Experience the Quiet Cleaning Power of Electric Pressure Washers


Electric pressure washers are used in a number ways within commercial and industrial areas. There is a common misconception that electrically-powered units are less convenient than fuel-powered units. It’s true that gas, diesel and propane-powered pressure washing machines have their advantages, particularly when it comes to cleaning in areas that have no ready access to a power source. However, electrically-powered units have their own unique benefits as well and can handle a number of cleaning applications that fuel-powered high pressure washers can’t tackle.

Strong but Silent
While fuel-powered units are great for outdoor cleaning tasks and for tackling jobs that have no access to electricity, they do have their own set of drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks of these units is the fact that they produce exhaust fumes during cleaning. This can be fine for cleaning outdoors, but can be an issue when cleaning areas that have little or no ventilation. Apart from that, they can make a lot of noise, which might be fine when cleaning outdoors but can pose a problem with indoor cleaning, especially in places like hotels or hospitals. Electric pressure washers offer quiet, exhaust-free cleaning that is ideally suited for areas like schools, hotels, hospitals and nursing homes.

Electric pressure washers also come as mobile models for extra user convenience. Stationary models can be used with extension cords or long hoses to increase their reach. In this way, many stationary electric units are used even for outdoor cleaning jobs. These units provide an exhaust-free, efficient and eco-friendly cleaning option that can be used in many different areas.