Monday, November 24, 2008

Super Max 12500 GE


The Super Max® 12500 GE is an industrial / commercial, gas-powered and propane-heated triple-function pressure washer. Offering the same functionality as all of Daimer’s 12000 series pressure washers, the 12500 GE can function independently as a steam, hot water, and cold water pressure washer, providing an astounding pressure of 3000 psi at a flow rate of 5 GPM.

Powered by a heavy duty 18 HP gasoline engine with a 9 gallon gasoline tank, the 12500 GE is the ideal machine for a variety of commercial and industrial uses that require using a pressure washer outdoors where an electrical supply is not readily available. Heated by propane, this pressure washer comes with a 50 lb. propane tank and is heated by a heavy-duty, schedule 80 heating coil made of stainless steel. This heating system changes cold water to hot water in only 30 seconds!

Unlike other pressure washers that require users to stop and refill, the Super Max® 12500 GE has the ability to directly connect to a hose line for continuous use. And, with high pressure injection allowing for the addition of cleaning chemicals for added cleaning power, this pressure washer is a highly powerful solution for users looking for a machine that will work as hard as they do.

The Super Max® 12500 GE comes with the same standard parts as all Daimer’s 12000 series pressure washers. This includes a 3’ wand with trigger, a 50’ steam hose, and nozzles of varying sizes, including 40º, 25º, 15º, 0º (blast) and steam nozzles.

All of Daimer’s pressure washers are housed in high-quality, rugged stainless steel. The Super Max® 12500 GE is no exception, as its housing is comprised of high-gloss, powder-coated steel.

One of the greatest features of Daimer’s pressure washers is the ability for customers to customize their machine. With the 12500 GE, customers can choose to add optional two-gun operation, wet sandblasting system, or trailer mountable configuration. Additionally, users can purchase additional or customizable length hoses.