Friday, September 25, 2009

Choosing the Right Power Method for You


pressure washer

Pressure washers are one of the most powerful types of cleaning equipment. There are certain types of cleaning work other types of cleaning devices, such as steam cleaners and carpet cleaners, are not suitable. For example, to remove stain marks and dirt from hard surfaces such as walkways, compound walls, and concrete benches, it is necessary to have a pressure washer with both a high temperature and pressure output, as steam cleaners and carpet cleaners do not offer sufficient power.

Pressure washers can be classified in many ways. One useful standard is based on the energy source. Normally, three types of power are used in these devices: electricity, propane, and gasoline. For outdoor cleaning applications, an elect rical source may not be readily available. Therefore, propane or gasoline is used as the energy source in a majority of mobile, exterior pressure washers. These gases can be stored in a cylinder and refilled when required.

Another advantage of gas-powered pressure washer equipment is that these devices can produce very high pressure and temperature levels. Some of the latest pressure washers supplied by Daimer®, one of the most popular distributors of cleaning equipment, can provide pressure levels up to 8000 psi and a flow rate of up to seven gallons per minute. Gasoline and propane are used as fuels in such high-powered cleaning devices.

In addition, gas-powered cleaning machines allow continuous working, as these are not affected by power cuts or electrical failure.